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銀河に埋める - RELEASE INTO THE GALAXY | 中村健太 - Kenta Nakamura

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銀河に埋める - 中村健太 RELEASE INTO THE GALAXY - Kenta Nakamura --------------------------------------------- 216 × 300 mm / 136P / OFFSET PRINTING 中村健太の自身初となる写真集。 中村がこれまで撮影してきた写真群を「時間という概念からの解放」というテーマで再構築しています。 "Release into the galaxy" ⁡Kenta Nakamura's first photo book. The photographs he has taken up to now are reconstructed under the theme of "liberation from the concept of time". For example, a photo book found on an alien world at the edge of the galaxy... Photographs by Kenta Nakamura | 中村健太 Book design by Shinpei Nakaya (HARO INC.) | 中屋辰平 Text by Kyohei Yanashita | 柳下恭平 Printed by Fujiwara printing | 藤原印刷

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